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Recruiting -Active -English Speaking -Ventrilo -Level 50+
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Welcome to The Saints website! If you are browsing our site please be aware we are a new Hellgate guild created the same day of launch of Open beta! We are a dedicated guild whom works together all for the common goal. We require the use of Ventrilo. We keep our rosters clean of activate player base. There is a one week waiting period to become full member. In order or to stay in our guild you must participate with other guild members and use ventrilo. We try to keep a mature and healthy guild.  Thank you and come on by and say hello!

Gm Souless
Guild News

The Saints Loot Policy

Gm Souless, Jul 22, 11 8:52 PM.
Head on over to the Members only forum and check out our looting policy for our group looting.
Check it out.

Gm Souless

Guild Cleaning & full membership!

Gm Souless, Jul 17, 11 3:00 PM.
Guild Event Thursday 6pm Pacific Standard Time
Be in ventrilo and ready to go by this time.
We will be promoting some members to full status.
We will be talking about progression.
We will be making premade farm groups and determined by level.
Attendance is required for set Item gear.

So I been talking about it to some of you guy's on ventrillo and off and on in guild chat.. I want an active guild roaster with people who log on and play more then 1 time a week.. We want an active guild doing stuff and earning awesome gear! So I propose we get everyone to 50 with in a weeks period or push the lower level guildies to it.. I'll  no longer be accepting players under 45. I want to start an active farming group for set pieces and mythic pieces.. If we can get 5 groups of 5 guildies in each group farming set pieces we will all have our set pieces in a very short period of time not to mention be very wealthy. My goal is to make The Saints into a serious team oriented guild focused on progression and ready to take on tokyo.. I will be kicking inactive people and people who are not contributing to the guild as a whole.. There's plenty of awesome people out there that would want a chance to be apart of our community!

Gm Souless

Hell MODE Molloch!

Gm Souless, Jul 17, 11 2:42 PM.
So I got my guild admin back! Woohoo The guild can move forward and so we have been! We went to hell mode and killed Mulloch

Guild Meeting (Thursday)

Gm Souless, Jul 8, 11 3:41 PM.

I'm so proud of my guildies for making the effort to show up for the guild event and showing there dedication.

Good Work

mattman994, Jul 8, 11 12:52 AM.
Our member base has become very solid over this past week. It's wonderful seeing so many players at 30 being on at different times in the day working together and leveling quickly. Can't wait to see you all at 50!

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